My Trip To Tanzania

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My Trip To Tanzania

So my dad's side of the family is from a tropical country in eastern Africa called Tanzania but I guess that you could already tell by the name of the article.

When most people that I meet see the word Tanzanian they pronounce it Tan-za-nia when actually it is pronounced Tun-za-nia. You are welcome.

Things to do in Tanzania when traveling with family

So about two years ago I visited Tanzania and got to see my dad's side of the family in person for the first time. While I was there I also did a lot of other things to and in this article I am going to tell you about the things that I did.

I did some crazy fun things like going to an island and to a national park named Saadani National Park and some other things so let's get in to it.... and by the way I might make a part two it depends so let's get started.

a map of Africa

Visit Mbudya Island while Tanzania

So as I mentioned in the intro I said that I went on an island, the island was called Mbudya. The island wasn't too far from the shore but we still had to get there by boat because it was still an island duh but whatever that's not the point the point is that I had a great time swimming in salt-ridden water and almost drowning no for real it was exciting.

Don't go anywhere just yet because I still have a few more stories....

Mbudya Island

Visit Saadani National Park

So you know how said that I visited a national park well the national park was called Sadani. I don't have too many stories from Sadani, but I would like to say that it was fun.

Something did happen, I'm pretty sure that we actually got lost while on a trip to see all the animals and another thing on the way two troops of baboons walked so that happened but other than those two nothing interesting happened.

Girafee at Saadani National Park
Saadani National Park

My trip to Tanzania was really fun and I hope you all enjoyed this article well that's it for now by.

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