My Thoughts on Pokemon

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My Thoughts on Pokemon

Ok, let's talk Pokémon. My three favorite Pokémon are Gigantamax Rillaboom, Gigantamax Ineleon, and last but definitely not least Incineroar. The reason I like these Pokémon is that they look so cool and because I once had an Inteleon Vmax card and traded it for a Mewtwo EX. I know I was pretty dumb for doing that but hey at least the card looked cool and cut me some slack. I was five ok. I also had a Rillaboom V and traded it for an Ultra Necrozma GX. It was a pretty good trade.

You know I wonder how Game Freak came up with Pokémon. I mean it's just so cool that some guy one day was like “Hey let's make a mouse that shoots lightning out of its tail”. Though without them Pokémon wouldn't exist so shout out to anyone at Game Freak and Nintendo.

Inteleon Pokemon

Who is Arceus in Pokémon?

All the Pokémon fans out there know this but to anyone who doesn't. Arceus emerged from its egg into complete nothingness and shaped the Pokémon universe.

I'll put a link to a video at the bottom that goes into more detail. By the way, I didn’t make the video this guy named Dobbs did. So don't give me the credit because I don't want to get sued. And You should really go check out his channel. There will be a link below to his channel also.

arceus pokemon

Legendary and Mythical Pokemon

All of my favorite legendary and Mythical Pokémon are Deoxys and all of its forms same with Zygarde, Xerneas, Diglia, Giratina, Palkia, The legendary dogs, Rayqaza, Groundon, Kyoger, Ho-oh, Liuga, Hoopa and Hoopa Unbound, Regigigas and all the regis, Zeroara, Darkri and all the tapus, Nekrozma, Mewtwo, Zacian and Zamazenta, and Yveltal and Victini. My favorite of the bunch is Zeroara.

Groundon pokemon

So what's your opinion on Pokémon?

To Dobbs channel-Dobbs

To the Pokemon video-How all the legendary and mythical pokemon were made

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